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0:00 - WWN Intro
0:07 - Welcome and Introduction
1:09 - Evolution of the Marauders During Their Time at Hogwarts. Written by Minister_Moore, Hosted by Branwenn, Seza Silverwolf, Sammy, Minister_Moore, chive_p.
7:21 - The Weasley Twins' Idols. Written & Hosted by chive_p.
9:22 Commercial (Ilostmyleftshoe)
10:20 - How the Four Boys Became Animagi. Written by ButterflyWings1803, Hosted by Seza Silverwolf.
12:26 - The Shrieking Shack: From Glory Days to Shambles Written by ButterflyWings1803, Hosted by Sammy.
14:16 - How the Marauders Influenced Who Snape Ended Up Being. Written by Ariana Rosier, Hosted by Seza Silverwolf.
16:37 - The Lily Perspective. Written by chive_p, Hosted by Sammy.
19:14 - Regulus Black. Written & Hosted by Minister_Moore.
22:31 - Commercial (desi)
23:11 Quidditch. Written & Hosted by Ilostmyleftshoe.
26:03 - Mauraders' Prank of the Month. Written & Hosted by desi.
28:18 - Mauraders' Map. Written & Hosted by Branwenn.
30:37 - Thank You and WWN Outro

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Meet The Staff


Hi, my name is Lu! I have been on Hex for countless years and I am a proud Hufflepuff. On Hex I work in Fan Fiction and Social Media and WWN is a new venture for me. Outside of Hex I am an archaeozoologist - basically a archaeologist that looks at animal bones :) I am also a mother, wife, blogger, social media addict, amateur photographer and graphics designer. I watch wayyy too many shows and movies and I like to nap and read in the bath more than anyone should!


Howdy! Im Carrie, and I joined HEX in July of 2016. I live in the USA, and when not working can be found spending time with my husband and daughter, reading, watching TV, or working on a home organization project. On HEX, I enjoy working on the Publications team, as well as being a HEX Mentor, serving as a Ravenclaw Head Student, playing official characters as part of SCA, and more. I have a degree in library science, although I sadly do not work in a library, but I love books and have loved the Harry Potter series since day one. :)

Meet Your WWN Writers and Hosts

Ariana Rosier

Hey, I'm Ari! I've been on Hex for almost 2 years. I enjoy chatting, although I'm quite a lurker as well. Outside of Hex, I'm a senior in high school, as well as a member of my school's gymnastic team and student council. Some of my hobbies include reading, watching movies, and drawing. Some of my favorite fandoms are Harry Potter (of course!), Game of Thrones, and dystopian novels in general. I'm really excited to work with everybody on the WWN team!


Branwenn (Bran) is a graduated student with career credentials as an Obliviator and is currently studying to become a Wandmaker. Having been with HEX for ten years, she's done just about everything from teaching to writing for the Daily Prophet. Currently, you'll find her spending most of her time with the WWN and HEX Mentor Program. In real life, Bran (Sara) is a psychologist who spends her time outside work on various interests such as writing and drawing.


My name is Butterfly, and I am an avid writer. I am 14, and about to go into the ninth grade. I enjoy literature, music, drama, science, and history (but not math, so much). I am an official IB student, which is a big deal for me, because that particular IB school only offers 100 seats a year to the entire Utica district, and I got in. I am a very large Harry Potter fan, and I have a Muggle version of a wand, a Muggle time-turner, and the entire Harry Potter series. I hope to be a neurologist when I graduate, but I definitely plan to do some writing on the side, and I will probably do some acting, too. I am very excited to join the writer's team here at WWN, and I plan on putting my best foot forward and writing some awesome segments. As for HEX responsibilities, I am a substitute writer for the Daily Prophet.


Hello, my name is Chive and I honestly don't know what to say, haha. XD I have been around Hex for a few years now and I have dabbled in many an area so some of you reading this might already know who I am. I'm always willing to chat with those who reach out. If you see me about just say hi! :3 Here are some words I find inspiring and hopefully you will find them just as useful. "Be who you are and say what you feel. Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter."


Hey ya'll my name is desi! I'm a southern girl from New Orleans who's been on HEX for just over a year now. I'm usually all around HEX running my mouth and generally being a nuisance. You can usually find me in event threads with my friends or chatting with newbies as a HEX Mentor. I can also be sometimes found on the Quidditch pitch with the Gryffindor Quidditch Team . In real life I'm a secretary for my local Parks and Recreation and frequent binge watcher of Netflix. Anyways, I'm super excited to now be joining the WWN team! I hope you guys love it!


Hello Everyone, my name is Camila. Currently, I am also part of SOUP which is Slytherin's Newsletter. I also work in other areas such as the Magical Archives, the Contest Forum, and other cool stuff. If you ever see me around, dont be afraid to say Hi! My favorite thing about HEX is being able to chat with people with the same interest but also being able to bring the Wizarding World to life. Off of HEX, I am a college student who is always hitting the books. But I do get out often! Almost every weekend I go on camping trips to go canoeing, rock climbing, and other outdoor things like starting a campfire and eating 'smores. <3.


Minister Moore works at the Ministry of Magic, Basement Level 3 - Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes, Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office. He has been writing for HEX for over a year. His insightful musings about the modern Wizarding world and it's state of affairs involving Muggles are quite humorous. He can often be found walking the streets of Hogsmeade Hollywood during the weekdays helping Muggles understand the ways of Wizarding folk, and performing feats of magic for those students who seem to need help with their studies. He accepts Owls at any time and enjoys interacting with fellow Witches and Wizards.


Hello all! My name is Sammy and if you haven't seen me around anywhere on the site that's because I'm usually hiding behind the scenes in both Ravenclaw and Caretaking departments helping to make sure things operate smoothly. I also help out in the Marketing department and various other tasks throughout the site. Joining WWN and seeing it start up again was one of my main goals on HEX to be part of and I'm so excited it's back! Outside of HEX I have just taken up rugby and currently captain my local team in a womens league. When I'm not on HEX or playing/training for rugby I'm usually cuddled up with my dogs or sleeping! I can't wait to see what the future of WWN has in store for us all!

Seza Silverwolf

Hello everyone, I'm Seza Silverwolf, but you can just call me Seza. On HEX, you can usually find me lurking and/or chatting in my various clubs, as well as going around answering questions, welcoming newbies and just having a chat. Off HEX, I'm a primary school teacher, and I absolutely love my job. My hobbies include reading, writing, playing games and listening to music.


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